Google doesn’t know that.

Everybody knows how awful Google Translate is in translating, so I don’t have to mention it, that’s true, but I can’t help talking about that.

When I became friends with brilliant people at Black Hat and DEF CON, some of them said “Your articles are written in Japanese? OK, no problem, I’m gonna use Google Translate!”, so I’ve just tried to translate my articles, tweets and posts via Google Translate a moment ago. Those results were simply sucks.

Dear friends. If you are reading this, please don’t use Google Translate. I don’t want to make you confused.
There are really significant differences between Japanese and English, particularly in sentence structure. Usually, we don’t say “I” and “you” even when we say I love you, for example. We don’t want to say who loves who because we know the situation that we are alone (“I” am talking to “you”).

But Google Translate doesn’t know who/what loves who/what.